Echo Systems, Inc.

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Enterprise Protection

Our unique, multitier data protection systems prevent loss of data at any level: from failure in power supplies, to outage of an entire datacenter.

Every one of our servers and switches are bonded in a high avilability setup and can stream data at least two Gigabits per second into our peer network.

We are colocated at multiple datacenters in distinct geographical areas. The datacenters we have chosen to peer with are consistently ranked among the top in the country, and support networks that can stream over 1 terabit of data per second.

Our Servers

We use only environmentally friendly, world-class hardware and proudly run an Enterprise version of Linux with an undisclosed, but time-tested and industry-proven data protection and security system.

Every server has redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans. Every controller is mirrored, and all drives are in a proprietary hardware RAID configuration to allow for multiple simultaneous failures without sacrificing performance.

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